Favorite Things of 2016

I’ve decided to give the world a list of general things that I enjoyed last year. I know January is almost over, but hey! It’s here now.

Dr Marten Canvas Shoes


Dr Martens are awesome. They are some of the highest quality shoes I have ever owned. The two pairs pictured above are of the Carnaby Mary Jane and the Shoreditch. I own these personally and love them. There are quite a few different styles available (see amazon’s selection here). I’m really feeling the maroon color way.

Sidenote: It really weirds me out that they are called DOC Martens. Doesn’t the DR imply DOCTOR? Am I the only one here? /note

Pique Tea


Photo: Pique

I randomly came across this company one day, and they really caught my eye (I’m a sucker for a good logo and packaging). Pique is not your regular tea, Pique is a special tea. They use a special process to extract all the amazingness that you get from tea leaves, locking it into crystal form (read more here). They currently have five flavors: Sencha Green Tea, Mint Sencha Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, and English Breakfast Black Tea. They sell variety packs if you want to try them all. My favorite is the Jasmine Green tea!

Get $10 off if you shop through my referral link (Disclosure: I do get store credit with this)

LeSportsac Classic Deluxe Everyday bag


Photo: Amazon

I love LeSportsac. Their quality is amazing, they have adorable prints and colors. The Deluxe Everyday Bag has so much room for your everyday stuff. Features a long strap to wear as a crossbody, rip stop nylon, lots of pockets, and a matching zipper pouch.

Selfie Light


Photo: Amazon



The greatest thing you didn’t know you needed. An LED circle light that clips onto your phone, making your front facing camera images look better than ever! I got mine for $10 on Amazon, there are many different brands and types. Mine had 3 brightness levels controlled by a button (which would be better as a switch) and takes batteries.

Here’s a pic I took with the light ——->


IKEA Skubb Organization Cubes

$10 at IKEA


Photo: IKEA


Perfect for organizing small things on shelves, in cabinets, drawers, anywhere really. I have SO many of these. I buy a pack every time I go to IKEA.

Plastic Razor Blades

$10 at Amazon


Photo: Amazon

Another amazing thing you didn’t know you needed. I first used one of these when I used to detail cars. They have a sharp edge to scrape off stickers, random hard gunk, and other things, but wont mar any paint/wood/plastic etc.

S-Biner Clips

Starting at $2 on Amazon


Photo: Amazon

These things are an essential part of my EDC (every-day-carry). Clips my work badge to my lanyard, and my flash drive to my badge ring, my other flash drive to my keys, and extra keys to my key ring. I don’t know what I’d do without these little buggers. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Nite Ize is the best brand I have come across, but there are different types from many different companies. Some have little sliding “locks”, some even have bottle openers! Nite Ize also makes some really cool multi tools with clips.

Grey Highlighter

$3 on Amazon


Ok, I feel like most people won’t get this one right away. When making lists or budgeting, I don’t like to cross things out. What if I need to see what that was? I use spreadsheets daily at my job and I like to grey out the stuff that isn’t important to make it less noticeable. So, why can’t I do this in real life? On paper? In my planner?  I went to Amazon, did a search and… YES! Grey highlighters exist!!! This one is made by Zebra, part of their “Mildliner” set. They are soft, almost pastel highlighters. I bought the set, but they do sell them individually now. Almost forgot to mention that these are double-sided! Wider chisel tip on the cap end, and a fine point on the bottom (that I admittedly always forget about).  Overall, this thing is the bees knees. Do bees even have knees?




I hope you all enjoyed my non-beauty favorites of 2016!


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