Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

2016 was a boring, uneventful year for me. It lacked creativity and motivation. Buy hey! I’m here now! Let’s talk about some of my favorite beauty items from last year ❤



Wild’Erb Lip balm

$4 – Ohio Valley Herbal


Photo: Wild’erb


I am very picky about my lip balm. Most of them just make your lips dependent on the moisture they provide and don’t actually HEAL your lips (I’m looking at you Carmex). Not true for this! I keep one in arms reach almost everywhere I go. Wild’erb makes some AMAZING products. They are local-ish to my area, always on the festival circuit showing and selling their products. They get really hands on with their demos, which can be off putting for a touch-me-not like me. But this sales tactic really works when you actually feel their products on.

I also love their Body Oil.


Skindinavia Prep and Finishing Sprays

$50-60 for the kit – Skindinavia


Photo: Skindinavia

I’m sort of obsessed with facial sprays, it’s like crack for your face. I have so many, but these two are my go tos! If you have never used setting spray, you’re missing out. The primer spray is good for prepping the moisturizing the skin before makeup (or just on its own!) The setting spray is great at setting the face, keeping it from looking too powdery (especially great for matte foundations). Skindinavia has pretty good bundle deals for their kits. I go with the Oil Control set (Regular and Bridal versions are available).  There is obvious value in bulk, so I suggest going with the 8 oz bottles. Sign up for their emails! Their sales are frequent.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick

$43 – Sephora


Photo: Sephora

I researched and sampled SO MANY full coverage foundations before landing on this one. It’s not cheap, so I consider it an investment. It is very full coverage, I can sometimes skip concealer when I use this. The finish is not matte, so I need to be careful with my oily face (prime and powder is necessary). I honestly just love stick components. They are so easy and I can do my face very quickly if necessary. Makeup Forever is one of my all time favorite brands. I still love the liquid version of this foundation, but it’s more of a medium coverage. The color ranges for their foundations are amazing! With 16 shades for the stick and a whopping 42 shades for the liquid, people of all tones are covered.

Beauty Blender Pro Collection

$40 – Beautylish


Photo: Beautylish

Unless you live under a rock, you have most likely heard about the beautyblender. It is a one of a kind beauty sponge that can be used to apply foundation, concealer, powder, anything you want really! The beautyblender has a magical texture, unlike any other sponge I have used. When damp, it blends makeup for an amazing finish. They have expanded on the basic beautyblender to create an entire range. My favorite being the beautyblender Pro, featuring a bad ass black color. The above set is perfect for any makeup addict. I must add, though, that the packaging around the blotterazzi pro in this set is very misleading. Just printed cardboard, not a sleek black case like the picture would make you believe (this severely disappointed me, but I love it none the less).

There are almost always value sets of some kind available on Sephora or Beautylish, so if you’re not into black, check out their other offerings!

Liquid Blendercleanser

$18-30 – Sephora and Beautylish

If you are going to take the plunge and splurge on a beautyblender I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you get their liquid cleanser. Nothing seems to clean them better. Due to the nature of the beautyblender being a sponge you put on your face that frequently gets wet, keeping it clean and sanitary will help it last longer and keep your face happy.

I’ve heard wonderful things about their solid cleanser, but bar soaps freak me out!

Devinah Cosmetics Highlighter in Opal

$12-20 – Devinah Cosmetics


Photo: Devinah.com

Being as pale, cool toned, and weird as I am, this highlighter has been my go to for most of the year. It has a pink base, with a blue iridescence that looks amazing at the right angles. Devinah also lets you pick your pan size! An amazing option I didn’t know I needed until it was there. This indie brand is hand blended, poured and pressed. There are some amazing eye shadow shades as well if you’re looking for your favorite dupe. Almost forgot to mention their “novelty” highlighters (hello rainbows!).

I love supporting smaller independent brands, so please check them out!

Colourpop Blush in Aphrodisiac

$8 – Colourpop


Photo: Colourpop

Aphrodisiac is the perfect soft beige that is in between a contour/bronzer and blush color. I like to use this on light makeup days when I’m too lazy to do both contour and blush. I feel the actual color is a little darker in real life than the picture shows. Colourpop’s formula for their blush and shadows is almost like a cream. I find it best to apply this with a duo-fiber brush.

I love how affordable Colourpop is. I almost never hesitate to try something different. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Volumizing Brow & Hair powder in Grey

$25 – Sephora


Photo: Sephora

This has been my go to brow powder since I can remember. It is crazy pigmented and the pan is huge! You get so much for your money, I don’t think I’ll ever hit pan. I sometimes like to mix the Grey with Rich Brown to cool it down. The first one I bought came with a nice double ended eyebrow brush. That brush is the only one I use. Tarte has some amazing brushes you guys. They currently only have 5 shades, which I hope they expand on in the future.

RCMA No color Powder

$12 – Beautylish


Photo: Beautylish

This stuff you guys…this stuff is both cheap and still performs. It will set your makeup and not impart any color to mess up your face. The 3 oz container is freaking huge. Insanely cost effective when you compare it to Laura Mercier’s invisible setting powder ($38 for .4 oz).

RCMA also makes great foundations for makeup artists.

Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in Kapow

$6 – Colourpop


Photo: Colourpop

More brands need to make a color like this. Colourpop defines it as a Purple-grey. I would call it more of a cool toned grey-brown. However you want to define it, it’s amazeballs. My only issue with Colourpop’s Ultra matte lip colors is that they are SUPER matte. Some people have issues with their formula being drying, so make sure your lips are prepped for it! The liquid also likes to separate in the tube a little, so make sure you give it a shake and a stir before use.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Chillzone

$24 – Sephora


Photo: Sephora

The formula of this liquid lip might just be my favorite. It is insanely light on the lips, not too drying, and lasts remarkably well. Doesn’t last the longest… but still pretty dang long. The packaging/component is very different from others with its square shape. It definitely stands out from the rest in my collection. Also that applicator! It’s by far my favorite of all. A tear drop shape with an opening in the center to hold the cream color. It’s not too fuzzy and the point really helps to give you a good crisp line. Chillzone is an amazing grey shade that I am all about. The other shades don’t wow me (except Girl Gang). I hope they expand in the future.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio and Unicorn Blood

$18 each – Beautylish


Unicorn Blood – Photo: Beautylish


Scorpio – Photo: Beautylish

Despite all the drama around Jeffree Star, his liquid lips are phenomenal. He’s got all the crazy colors my cold little heart needs to stay happy. Pictured above are my two favorites. Unicorn Blood, a dark rusty red that closely resembles dried blood. And Scorpio, a true grey purple (my two favorite colors) that dries down darker than you would expect. The applicator is quite plush, almost too plush (I have issues with lining occasionally). The formula is matte, but not drying. Lasting power is pretty great, faltering only when eating greasy foods.



$15-30 – Loxa Beauty


Photo: Farouk

This stuff smells like heaven. Sometimes I think I use it just to fragrance my hair. Scent aside, the Pearl Complex has truffle oil to help shine and moisturize the hair. They also say you can use this on your body. I can just imagine bathing in all its deliciousness.

The Executive Razor- From Dollar Shave Club

$9 monthly – Dollar Shave Club


Photo: DSC

Avoid the pink tax! Razors are ridiculously expensive, we all know this. These cheap subscription razor companies are on the rise, and that’s a great thing. Dollar Shave Club has three different razor options: The Humble Twin (2 blades, $1 +$2 shipping), the 4X (4 blades, $6 + free shipping), and the Executive (6 blades, $9 + free shipping). With my coarse, dark evil hair, I go with the Executive. You get 4 razors in a pack, but I end up hoarding them. I do find that I don’t shave enough to stay on the monthly plan, so I switched to the every-other month plan.

If you’re a dude (or not) and you’re looking to simplify your body/skincare, they do have a lot of other cool shaving, cleaning and styling products available. The Wanderer shower brand looks so cool. I might have to give that a try soon!

Interested in joining the club? You can use my referral link!


This about sums up my beauty favs from 2016. What were your favorites? Do you have any plans for 2017? I am going to try and update my blog on a regular basis (no more two posts a year lol). Getting a camera for product and face shots is on my list of investments. I’m also looking into expanding into YouTube, it’s much easier for me to just show and tell ya know?

Keep an eye out for my next post! Non-Beauty Favorites of 2016, the new Beautylish Lucky Bag is on its way to me as well.

Keep it weird ❤



4 thoughts on “Favorite Beauty Products of 2016

  1. You’ve turned me on to a new setting-spray brand! 2016 for me was a year to re-discover myself — who I am, and what I want! Makeup was definitely a heavy-hitter, and coping better with my oil slick of a face [which only got worse during and post-pregnancy] was at the top of the list. I will definitely be giving this a try, along with finally caving in and purchasing a beautyblender [I know… I know… but I really really love using brushes because I’m so comfortable with that media!]. I’m stubborn! Anyway, great to read your list. Keep up the blog posts and whatever media the future holds for you. I’m a fan! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dealing with oily skin sucks dude. A trick I learned to help fight oil is after I’ve moisturized, I do the Skindinavia primer spray, let it dry down. Do a super light dusting of translucent powder. This makes a nice absorbent layer before makeup goes on, then just continue as normal!
      Beautyblenders are so weird at first… give it some time, you’ll learn to love it!
      ps- I still use brushes when i’m too lazy to clean my bb’s
      pps- i ❤ you


  2. Need to try that colourpop liquid lipstick! I’ve got the Jeffrey star liquid lipstick in androgyny and it’s gorgeous! Great post,id love it so much if you checked out my blog too! X


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