Goth-Girl Beach Bag Must Haves!

Happy Summer everyone! I kinda like summer, but I also kind of hate it. My pale skin and luscious body don’t handle the heat and sun all too well. I avoid the sun at all costs. Getting my car windows tinted was worth every penny. But, I LOVE sitting poolside drinking a cocktail and enjoying the sun not touching my skin. With this in mind, I will be talking about what I put in my “beach” bag to keep myself pale and goth-glam all throughout the summer!


First, let’s talk about the bag itself. Here are a few of my Favorites:

LeSportsac Travel tote–  $104  on Amazon



It’s black, its high quality nylon, it’s the perfect size for the beach/pool. LeSportsac is hands-down my favorite brand for bags. I have so many. SO MANY. If black isn’t quite your jam, they have tons of super cute prints in all different colors. Many of them are seasonal, so don’t hold back if you really like one (I have beat myself up over missing out of some amazing prints).

Thirty-one Soft Utility Tote – $45 on Thirty-one

Source: Thirty-one

Source: Thirty-One

I may have been coerced into buying stuff from Thirty-one, but the bags really are high quality. The custom embroidery is also a major bonus! I got this Purple/Gray (Black Twill Stripe) colorway. This picture is of the one I ordered when I had a little “virtual” event, so my items were deeply discounted if not free! Here’s a link to my friendly Thirty-one consultant of DOOM! But by all means, if you know a bag peddler, support them! While the company is somewhat pyramid-schemey, the consultants get a commission and they work real hard! :Plug over:


Now that we have our bags sorted,  lets pack it up!

I am a recovering over-packer. I tend to get paranoid in situations and end up bringing a lot of useless shit places “Just in case”. So here, I will summarize with my essentials.



I try to eat healthy, and I don’t always succeed. Making sure you have healthy snacks with you can prevent junk food attacks, or at least let you resist.

Blk Spring Water– $17.50/6 pk on Amazon


Source: Amazon

Blk water is so metal. Hydration is also metal. Enriched with black fulvic trace minerals, drink this and no one will mess with you.

Clif Bars– Usually $1 at your local grocery store



While not “goth” by any means, these little babies make the perfect Beach Bag stuffer. Swimming can take a lot out of you (as can daiquiris), so Clif Bars can hold you over until you get tacos later. The Sierra Trail Mix bars are by far my favorite variety!





Source: Amazon

Premium Microfiber Towel set– $23 on Amazon

A good towel is essential. I’m a huge fan of travel Microfiber towels. They absorb a lot, dry pretty quick and are very compact. There are tons of different brands on the market, The one linked actually comes with 2. One for your body and one for your head! Perfect. I couldn’t find one in black, but this gray color will do ❤



Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 30, 3 oz for $9 on Amazon


Source: Amazon

As an aging pale person, sun protection is SUPER important. This one is great because it is meant for the face, won’t break you out and doesn’t feel gross like some other sunscreens. Don’t forget to cover your ears, décolletage and back of neck!

Coconut oil– Around $10 at your local grocery store

Seriously, what can’t coconut oil do?? It will actually act as a mild sunscreen and it will moisturize everything! I use it as an after-sun lotion. Make sure its virgin or unrefined!

Aloe– Super cheap everywhere

Aloe is just awesome. If I get a little burned, I mix aloe gel and coconut oil and rub it all over. It feels amazing ❤


Beauty Stuff!

The favorite part of my list.

I could seriously ramble on and on about beauty stuff. I’ll try to keep this part short 😀


Boscia BB Cream- Light – $38 at Sephora


Source: Sephora

A medium coverage BB cream with an impressive SPF AND it comes in a light skin tone! Huzzah!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics- Weirdo – $18 at Jeffree Star Cosmetics



For me, nothing says “weird goth girl at the pool” like a boss black lip look. If my blinding light skin and tattoos don’t catch your eye, this dark lip look will. Top it off with a shimmery pigment in the center of your lips for a little depth and glam (I like Sugarpill’s pigments).

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- Trooper – $19 at Sephora


Source: Sephora

My Holy Grail liquid liner. It’s easy, it’s sharp, it lasts a really long time. Oh, and it’s black. May your wings be as sharp as the knives you use against your enemies ❤

Kat Von D Shade&Light Contour Pallet – $46 at Sephora


Source: Sephora

This contour pallet has really nice shades for contouring. When at the beach or poolside, I like to keep my makeup look pretty basic. Eyeliner, lipstick and contour creates a nice look for me.

Makeup Setting Spray


Source: Amazon

There are many setting sprays on the market today, many of them pretty fantastic. I have different setting sprays for different situations. Going to be swimming? You’ll need something at the very least water-resistant. Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer– $8 1 oz – available at many different online retailers. This setting spray is the mack-daddy of all sprays. It’s waterproof. Yes. WATERPROOF. I can attest to this claim. It’s not an everyday spray, but is amazing for those super sweaty days, poolside, or even for intense theater nights. I started using this doing SFX makeup at a haunted house to keep the actors makeup in place all night.


What to wear!

Quay Sunglasses – Starting at $50 on their site


Source: Quay

Quay has great sunglasses! The quality is good, the price point is not too high for what you get. They have shapes and styles that work for everyone.  Pictured: It’s My Way

Swim suit- 

I am currently OBSESSED with the swim suits from Black milk Clothing. Their basic black “Awesome” fabric comes in so many different cuts. Want something a little more exciting? How about the Batman Cape Suit?


Source: Black Milk Clothing

Yes, this is real life. Yes, it has a detachable cape. Yes, I will be wearing this at a pool party next weekend. SO MUCH YES.

Cover up


Source: Amazon

There are so many different cover ups out there, a simple Amazon search came up with tons. This one by Ponffear is $16 and looks chic as hell.

Floppy hat


Source: Amazon

Floppy hats are ESSENTIAL. Almost as essential as giant sunglasses. The sun is evil. PROTECT YA NECK. I found this cute one at a decent $18 on Amazon. It does have polka dots on the inside, but it’s convertible and has a chin strap.



Now that you have seen my Beach Bag Must Haves, what do you NEED to have in your bag?



Disclosure: Not a sponsored post. All items either purchased by me or searched for by me. All opinions are my own.




2 thoughts on “Goth-Girl Beach Bag Must Haves!

  1. I loved reading this! Very cool AND informative. I do use the Neutrogena Sun screen! Love it!!! I must protect my skin. I also love the LeSport bags!!!! And Thirty One ! So, I’m right there with you on the essentials. Can’t wait to read more ! 😘


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